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    Civilian Self Defense

    The SEPS (Situation Effective Protection System) was designed to be implemented by everyone regardless of previous training or martial arts/self defense experience. The system also acknowledges the different types of violence men & women face.

    Rather than treat Men & Women's Self Defense & Personal Safety as one, the SEPS system recognizes the different types of situation that men and women are likely to face (this is one of the benefits of taking a scenario based approach to training). Women by and large have to deal with predatory individuals who have planned their acts of violence whereas men are exposed to more "spontaneous" acts of aggression.

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  • Women's Self Defense Module Descriptions

    Military & LEO's

    The SEPS System can be used by both Law Enforcement & Military Personnel who are involved in 360 Degree/Unconventional warfare and/or any situations where violence prediction and avoidance are the preferable solutions.

    Not every security situation requires a physical confrontation e.g. Close Protection, Surveillance details etc. The SEPS System can be used to recognize and identify potential threats and even "interests" in order to disengage from them. The system covers all aspects of Self Protection from vehicle and travel security to operating in hostile environments both at home and overseas.

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    Contact Us

    Contact us with any questions you have concerning the SEPS Self Protection Program. We are happy to talk about and discuss our approach to dealing with realworld violence and/or organize seminars/training sessions in your location

    If you would like further information regarding the SEPS Program, or how to contact a SEPS Instructorin your area, or to become a SEPS Self Protection Instructor, you will find our contact details in this section of the website. You can email us, phone us or even send snail mail to us. You can also use the "Newsletter" Sign Up below to start receiving the SEPS Monthly Newsletter.

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SEPS (Situation Effective Protection System)

The Situation Determines The Solution

SEPS Self Protection & Self Defense The SEPS (Situation Effective Protection System) is a framework and methodology for understanding how violent situations develop and occur, so that preventative and predictive measures can be put in place so that such incidents can be avoided, de-escalated or disengaged from without the need to engage in a physical confrontation. The system itself contains no actual physical techniques but teaches a method that can be adopted by any martial arts or self-defense system, to help explain and put the physical aspects of such systems into a reality based/real life context. If you teach or practice a martial art or self-defense system and want to understand how to improve your situational awareness, identify violence before it occurs and know how to de-escalate potentially violent situations then the SEPS system will meet your needs.

Whilst it is important to have the ability to defend yourself physically, it is equally if not more important to have the ability to predict, prevent and avoid violence in the first place - this is the goal of the SEPS system; it is concerned primarily with personal safety and self-protection rather than physical self-defense techniques and skills. SEPS is concerned with the avoidance and prevention of violence, rather than with how to actually deal with violence once it occurs (methodologies are described however individual techniques are not).

SEPS Self Protection Training The SEPS approach is to teach that violence happens at a certain point along a timeline - one that has distinct phases, which precede any actual physical confrontation. In these phases there are predictive indicators that allow you to identify a person's harmful intent towards you before violence occurs - sometimes these pre-violence indicators occur early on along the timeline, other times they are only identifiable closer to the assault itself. Either way, the identification of these indicators allows you the time and space to disengage from or prepare for any potential assault. The SEPS system teaches you how to spot the actions and behaviors an assailant has to take/make before they physically assault you; it also teaches you the actions and behaviors that you might engage in, which puts you on the radar of aggressive and predatory individuals.

The SEPS system will also give you a framework for training your self-defense or martial arts system. SEPS takes a scenario based approach to teaching and practicing reality based self-defense, and will show you how to create scenarios, which test not only physical techniques but threat identification, risk assessment and decision making when under stress.

If you would like to read more about the SEPS (Situation Effective Protection System) approach to predicting, preventing and avoiding violence please click here. If you would like to read the SEPS Blog - which has different contributors, from subject matter experts then please click here.